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Re: Re: PL tone on AO51 V/S

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005, OZ1MY wrote:

 >Hi all and Mike and Piero
 >I have the same feeling about using PL tone on mode V/S - but
 >that is because the uplink frequency is 145.920 MHz.
 >During the passes in QRP mode with uplink frequency on
 >145.880 MHz and no PL tone the QRM was much lower here in Europe.
 >It would be interesting to use mode-V/S with the uplink
 >on 145.880 MHz and no PL tone to make it possible for us to
 >evaluate that uplink more. We can do the same comparison with
 >the normal QRP mode.
 >I just listened to a pass with AOS at 1807 UTC here in Copenhagen
 >and the QRM was tremendous. The pass was to the east of me, where the
 >QRM is the worst.
Hi all!

yesterday Feb 11, 21.15 UTC pass, with AO-51 over Atlantic Sea, no problem
to access the repeater with 5W into a 7 el. yagi oriz. pol.
I think the Ib's idea to try the 145.880 uplink is good, what do you think
Mike ?

'73 de Piero IZ1ERR
P.S. but the 13 cm. TX is not always on (not depending on uplink ?)
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