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Re: PL tone on AO51 V/S

Hi Piero.
The problem with the PL tone on mode VS is that in the presence of QRM the  
transmitter would be off for a high proportion of the time. 
Given the amount of doppler on the S Band downlink and the narrow beamwidth  
of some antennas, I can forsee the situation where you simply can't find your  
own signal. You wouldn't be confident of the transmitter being on, your RX  
frequency or antenna direction.
I realise that does not apply to auto tracking and auto doppler correction,  
but most people don't have that. At least the QRM tells you you are pointing 
in  the right direction. If you don't make a QSO, you have gained experience in 
 following an S band signal and are more likely to have another go on the 
next  pass.
Now......If the uplink was on a QRM free channel...........wouldn't that be  
David   G0MRF
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Hi  all,

just worked AO-51 at 20:30 UTC pass...
Had qso with IW4DVZ,  IW1DTU, 2E1EUB, DL8II, F6HTJ, OZ1MY.
Big signals, but very big QRM on  uplink.
Why don't use the PL tone on uplink ?
You can download the audio  at:

Best '73 de Piero  IZ1ERR
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