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Re: space-track/nova

OK Mike I have found the problem.

As you suggested it was a satellite name.

After using the element extractor using the names I had (that Celestrak
used) I saved this new unpacked file to a text file.

But it still got an error in Unitrac.

I then compared the list and found that on the celestrak list Oscar 7 was
listed as AO-7 and on the new text file made from Nova that satellite was
listed as Oscar 7.

I also noticed that Amsat elements it is listed as AO-07.

So this was the problem.

After using the Nova extractor and making a text file, I then double click
on the file and it comes up in word pad and I simply change Oscar 7 to AO-7
and resave.

Now when I bring up Unitrac, the screen looks OK and I have now tracked
several satellites OK.

So now I have "changed my ways" I hope these changes do not change again or
I will have to start all over again, ha, ha.

Thanks again.

Perry WB8OTH

> [Original Message]
> From: Michael R.Owen <nlsa@nlsa.com>
> To: <pyantis@earthlink.net>
> Cc: Amsat BB <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
> Date: 2/9/2005 5:17:22 PM
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] space-track/nova
> Perry -
> I'll bet that Space-Track over-wrote your satellite names with its own 
> idea of what satellites should be called.  To avoid this, you should 
> check "Preserve satellite names" in Nova's internet download 
> configuration.  If you have already lost your "good" names, then you can 
> either (1) go to Setup/Satellites and change them one by one; or (2) 
> download Keps from Celestrak, NOT preserving names so that Celestrak's 
> "good" names will replace Space-Track's "bad" names.  If you do option 
> #2, don't forget to re-enable "Preserve satellite names" before 
> downloading from Space-Track next time.
> It would have avoided a lot of trouble if WiSPDDE, Uni-Trac, etc. had 
> been programmed to use catalog numbers instead of satellite names for 
> identifying satellites.
> 73,
> W9IP
> Perry Yantis wrote:
> >I have upgraded Nova to the newest build and used the extractor to make
> >new text file for the satellites that I want.
> >
> >HOWEVER my Unitrac 2000 doesn't like this text file that Nova created.
> >
> >I have had this problem before anytime I change and resave a text file
> >keps in Unitrac.
> >
> >This is why I always downloaded keps from Celetrak because it had the
> >plain and simple without headers and I did not have to modify it.
> >
> >This way Unitrac work just fine.
> >
> >I can't figure out why Unitrac dislikes any files that have been
> >
> >Anyone figure this out?????
> >
> >
> >Perry Yantis WB8OTH
> >pyantis@earthlink.net
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