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re: tracking

Hi Marc,

>to William Leijenaar
>I understand from your posting on [amsat-bb] that you
>are looking for an
>tracking mechanism that is independent from a PC.

Yes, because I don't need a nice screen with many
options, when I am qso-ing :o)
Besides that, the computer is to much oversized to its
actual work. Today you need pentiums to do a simple
calculation... where an xt is even to fast for.

>I'm currently working on porting sdp4sgp4 to a
>microcontroller. I would
>be interested in receiving your "requirements" for
>such a system.

My main idea was to find out a system like WISP, but
then on small sized scale and beeing 100% stand alone.

A system with a small k-board and LCD screen for
typing/reading messages from a pacsat. 

The onboard computer (or uController) will calculate
the next pass and goes into sleep-mode for saving
power. When the time has come that the satellite
apears on the sky, the system wakes up,
upload/downloads messages and goes again into

That was the main idea :o)
My eye was more interresting in the micropc...
Have a look at:

However my problem is more the time, and thats why I
put this project for a long time in the refrigerator

>The system that I'm working on has the following:
>- USB connection to PC but it can run independently
>- Serial ports to control 2 radio's
>- Serial port to connect GPS for position detection
>- Elevation and Azimuth control plus brakes
>- LCD readout for autonomous use

For only the tracking it is very interresting and
enough :o)
Make the outputs just with logic (0V/+5V). The relais
or transistors can be added seperatly depending on the
rotor system you have. Also make the software not to
complex. KISS (keep is stupid simple) is the best way.

73 de PE1RAH, William

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