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Re: Cubesats and FM satellites

Chris PA5RWE wrote:

Since 14 is gone , it`s more difficult to keeps those who were intrested, `in the picture`. They are not so sure that if they build a sat rig , that they can use it. By letting them `taste` 14 with an omni stick , i had an easy way to `blow up` the SAT fire. I still miss 14 a lot.....

Wayne W9AE replies:

Remember the pre-launch publicity about AO-51?  Here is a page from the Echo presentation at Dayton:

Has anybody ever explained why AO-51 is being operated at such low power?  I don't recall the exact pre-launch claim (boast!) about the power output of the solar cells.  Nobody expected either transmitter to be operated at 8W output, but most people probably expected more than 0.5W.

Here is additional information that I would like to be added to the Echo status page:
1. Power output of each transmitter.
2. Antenna used with each transmitter (RHCP or LHCP).

This information would be helpful to people trying to understand if difficulty hearing Echo is due to a poor/mismatched receiving system, or due to the configuration of the satellite.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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