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Operating outside the US.

  Hi folks,

  I know that there are many people on this list that have experiance
  operating outside the US.   I am traveling to Ambergris Caye, Belize
  (gridsquare EK67) largest island 18 miles east of the Belize mainland 
  at the end of the month and was considering taking along a 
  radio in hopes of some AO-51 contacts (if the schedule is such 
  that V/U will be available during that time)

  I have never operated outside the US and was hoping to get some
  info from those of you that "know the drill".  I see that Belize
  has a reciprocal operating agreement with the US but I don't know
  much more than that.  Can anyone point me to any info on operating
  procedures, how my callsign must be used (along with any special 
  identifiers, etc...) and any other things I should be aware of?
  There seems to be some info on the web but it's scattered and I'd
  take more heart in what people on this list had to say about it
  anyway!!  Many Thanks,  -James   KI0KN
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