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Re: Useless CubeSats and an apology


I want to publicly apologize for what was a callous and unthinking post to 
this BB yesterday.  I really did not mean to slight any participant in 
amateur radio or this community who does not use English as a first 
language.  I did not mean to single you out for your use of a second 
language.  I just didn't think it was appropriate to quote a "fun" message 
from me when you were defending scrutiny of one of your posts.  I may have 
sent the same post to you even if English WAS your first language.

You wrote last:

 >> Politly yours and as confucious saying says "If someone does not worth 
a laugh he worth nothing"

I DO get the idea, but even in French, proper nouns are 
capitalized.  "Your's"  is possessive, and politely has an e.  Your spell 
checker is not broken, it's just not on.  As a trained journalist, I edit 
to a fault; sorry.

Sorry Ib if you though my post was a generalization.  I will try to be more 
tolerant and try to ignore such trolls in the future.

73, Mike kf4fdj
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