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RE: Re: Useless CubeSats

Do not misconstrue my statement/question as anti-Cubesat, I am not.

How many cubesats are carrying communications gear for a frequency
above 435 Mhz?  The facts are that doing so really increases the
complexity of the required ground station and better RF engineering
than most of these teams can probably do.


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As I see it any Satellite in the Amateur Band is good for AMSAT and the
AMSAT Community. On 2 GHz we have 60 MHz of bandwidth then there is 3.3,
5.6, and 10 GHz.  The 10 GHz band has 500 MHz of bandwidth.
What will we loose? Lots of problems need solving, perhaps patch antennas on
all sides switched to keep the pattern focused on earth. Maybe covering the
larger patch antennas with solar cells. None of the current amateur
satellites have a CP antenna pointed at Earth during the whole pass using
the same rotation.
Instead of deciding these projects are worthless, maybe some suggestions and
guidance will help us improve the technology in our satellites.

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