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Re: Re: Useless CubeSats


> They are presented as a learning basis for young students to learn how to
> build a satellite. I don't know how a 10cmx10cmx10cm cubic construction can
> ever help to understand how to build a real satellite of several meters in
> diameter.

Now, come on...the big sat and the little sat have all the same things - solar
cells, batteries, control circuits, comm circuits, mission specific circuits,
attitude parts...and they work the same. Bill, the ICs are just the same, the
solar cells too. Same Teflon wire, Kapton tape, potting compound, machined
aluminum...just less of it. And less is cheaper, easier to manage, test and
design for some who have never done so.

> Its like giving a truck-mechanic-student a small truck model to learn how to
> repair a truck engine.

A good analogy - but to make it complete - the truck model runs, just like a big
truck. It doesn't haul as much, but it runs.

> A better use for the CUBEs would be on a high-altitude balloon.
> The boxes are small and light, and ideal for such missions.
> These missions are less expensive and are 100x more educative because after
> the box returns down, the student can inspect what has happened to the
> electronics.
> You can only learn when you know what you have done wrong, and when you can
> change it and try again.

For simple satellites, that would be the case. But, there are many CubeSats that
have serious experiments on board - not just a CW ider. They need the space
enviroment for the work. And as for the issue of RF congestion, consider this -
these little cubes will decay within a couple years or so and be out of your
hair - far sooner than other satellites.

Shrink your analog transponder and offer it.

Dave Goncalves
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