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Re: Useless CubeSats

Hi William,
I agree that an international project would be the way to go. SSETI is a perfect example of inter-country cooperation in satellite construction, and a good model to follow. A balloon is also an interesting course to follow, but, for our particular project, could never reach altitudes sufficient for the images we wish to collect.

>They are presented as a learning basis for young students to learn how to 
>build a satellite. I don't know how a 10cmx10cmx10cm cubic construction can ever help to 
>understand how to build a real satellite of several meters in diameter.
>Its like giving a truck-mechanic-student a small truck model to learn how to 
>repair a truck engine.

I wasn't aware that a "real" satellite had to be bigger than a 1000 cm^3! I must respectfully disagree with you here. If you can pack multiple subsystem circuit boards, cameras, radio equipment, attitude sensors, magnetic torquers, batteries, solar arrays, insulation, and a condensible antenna all into a 1000 cm^3 cube (and still weigh less than 1 kg), then constructing a satellite of microsat characterization or larger is quite feasible.

>Like I mentioned a while ago, it would be much better when these students 
>work together on a real big (international) satellite. When this satellite 
>would also give something that can be usefull for universities or ham radio 
>it would be interresting...

Again, I agree with you here. I think either a national or international collaboration would be extremely useful and beneficial to the amateur radio community. As for university cubesats, they provide enormous amount of experience and research benefit to all involved. The benefit is even more widespread when the project is within the reception of the amateur radio community, which is what we aim to do with UCISAT-1.
Thank you for post William, and thank you all for your input and support. 

Matt Bennett
UCISAT Communications Team Member
University of California, Irvine

Matt Bennett
UCISAT Communications Team Member
University of California, Irvine
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