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Cubesats and FM satellites

Hi all,
I have read a lot of negative e-mails about the Cubesats and
satellites with FM repeaters over the last days.
I fail to see what the problem is.

In my opinion some of the students of today are the amateur radio
satellite builders of tomorrow.
The more we can get involved in satellite building the better.
The students I have met have or are taking their radio amateurs
license - and some of them we will hear more about in the future.
A couple of the most well knows satellite builders over the last
20 to 30 years started out as students building satellites or
transponders at a university.

May be the Cubesats are of no use as repeaters in the sky, but it
is fun to follow them and take down telemetry.
If we want the students and the universities to include payloads which we
want, we have to work with them to make it happen. One such example
is the work by leading members of AMSAT-UK to make a S-band transmitter
for SSETI-Express.
That is a positive approach to cooperation with students - and in this
case with ESA.

Another subject that is coming up with short intervals is FM repeater
satellites, which a few respondents seem to regard as a waist of time
and money.
I wish that you would listen to AO-51 and FO-29 and count how many radio
amateurs are active on the two.
Perhaps more important how many new operator you find on the two satellites
compared to one another.

Try to be positive and contribute to P3E and Eagle so that we may get true
DX satellites in HEO orbit. I think it is what most of us want anyway.

Sorry if this became longwinded and excuses my bad English. Hope you receive
my mail in a positive way.

73 OZ1MY
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