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NOVA troubles - satellite names

I can confirm that 2.2a build 11 does preserve whatever name you choose to
change a satellite to in SETUP / SATELLITES.  Space-Track downloads
including MyFavorites does not change the name back to the Space-Track
naming convention.  If you have multiple views and change a name it will
takes place immediately in only the active/current view.  The 2nd and
additional views are updated buy shutting down and restarting Nova, or, if
you have saved the views in STORED CONFIGURATIONS you can close and reopen
the view.  Use  CREATE NEW VIEW and select your saved configurations ( btw,
thanks for fixing that in build 11 Michael ).


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If "Preserve satellite names" is checked, then the name in the 
"Satellite name" field of Setup/satellites is used throughout Nova.  At 
least, that's how it supposed to work.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

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