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Re: Useless CubeSats

On 6 Feb 2005 at 12:29, Matt Bennett wrote:

> I must say, I resent the fact that such scrutiny was posted on the bulletin board instead of useful ideas and technical information. 

I repect your opinion about cubes sats proliferation as i could also 
questionned myself about your scrutiny trying to justify them.

When you say "useful ideas and technical information." i asked you to 
evaluate the following recent post with as much srutiny as you seems 
to detect on those who are telling the crowd...please! at least one  
HEO for god sake...

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From: "Kevin Smith" <kevin.j.smith@comcast.net>

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bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows
little sign of breaking down in the near future.

73, Mike kf4fdj

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73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

Guys: Keep these comming -- their Great !!!


If you seems threatened by others opinions to a point to say " I 
suggest devoting more time to helping AMSAT design and the funding of 
P3D than scrutinizing the work of student engineers.  " i suggest you 
to read over the "famous" AMSAT survey" where and by a vast majority 
HEO sats are whats the memberships wants...

I refer you to the following list and i asked you if we can combined 
all the ressources involved in the construction, planning. launching 
of the cubes sats, can we build an HEO who can have all the goodies 
theses individual cubes support?

Theses students engeeneers can have acces to many ressources under an 
 AMSAT joint venture and this can effectively have a greather impact 
knowing some of theses programs will used amateur frequencies without 
any AMSAT involvement? Another missed one here again? or a lack of 
vision?  A bad habit 'conducting business as they where conducted in 
the seventies! 

Here is the list

 1 Feb-05    VUSat          PSLV
 2 Mar-05     CubeSats *1    Dnepr 1
 3 May-05     SSETI Express  Cosmos 3M
 4 May 12-05  PCSat2 *2      Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114
 5 Aug-05     SuitSat        ISS EVA
 5 Sep-05     P3E            Ariane 5
 7 ICEcube 1    Cornell University (U.S.)
 8. ION          University of Illinois (U.S.)
 9. Rincon 1     University of Arizona in Tucson (U.S.)
 10 ??           The Aerospace Corporation (U.S.)
 11 PolySat 1    Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering (U.S.)
 12 SEEDS        Nihon University (Japan)
 13 Ncube        Norsk Romsenter (Norway)
 14 HAUSat 1     Hankuk Aviation University (South Korea)
 15 Merope       Montana State University (U.S.)
16 PolySat 2    Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering (U.S.)
17. KUTESat      Kansas University (U.S.)
18. Sacred       University of Arizona in Tucson (U.S.)
19. Mea Huaka'I  University of Hawaii (U.S.)
20. ICEcube 2    Cornell University (U.S.)

I think you understand that ultimatly the frequencies request 
flooding can have a detrimental impact on us. And filling the space 
with more and more cubes satellites can have also the same effect.

"If the IARU believed that the requesting organization was not 
submitting a project that was in the best interest of amateur radio, 
they wouldn't authorize it! After all, the IARU Constitution 
explicitly states:"...

To concluded,  it is not a question of questionning the works of 
anyone but to ask for  a transponder COMMUNICATION HEO satellite.. AO-
40 and AO-10 show us that's whats is needed by the worldwide amateur 
satellite operators majority. We also understand the "minority" 
desires to work on a chalennging satellite project and an "old" 
techonology analog communication satellite is not what they are 
interrested in...

Unfortunatly many of theses "tecckies" are the ones who also builds 
the amateur satellites...a no win situation...

Yes many of us are presently effectively supporting AMSAT-DL P3E 
project. It is not a lack of support to AMSAT-NA but a logical course 
of action as they are the most completed project with the shortest 
launch time span.

A press release will come soon regarding this. Stay tuned!

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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