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RE: About Trakbox

Hello William

> This LVB-Tracker looks very nice, but it can not work stand-alone (without
> PC).
> Its just an interface, and I already have an IF-100 interface that does
> same job :o)

This is correct: I did look seriously at implementing prediction on the LVB
device, but I'm afraid that it truly is beyond the capabilities of the PIC I
used. Prdeicition needs lots of variables, meaning lots of RAM, something
that the device I used doesn't have. I also doubt that I could have squeezed
it into the 8k words of ROM available anyway considering what's in there
already. The requirement for the various floating point run time support
routines alone would probably fill the remaining ROM up.

An alternative is to run InstantTrack on a device like the HP200LX, or run a
PC emulator like PocketDOS with InstantTrack on a WinCE machine.

Or maybe I should put two PICs in the LVB Tracker, one to do prediction, one
to do tracking. Yet another project for the pile!

73, Howard G6LVB
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