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Re: Useless CubeSats

Experimentation and education are vital to the amateur radio service. Most
hams don't build a terrestrial FM repeaters so we shouldn't expect every
satellite to be a repeater.



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Subject: [amsat-bb] Useless CubeSats

> Hello Domenico,
> > As we see, most of these boxes like Cubesat and Nanosat are almost
> > in particular for the ham satellite community and they are a waste of
> > and resources. It's more like a prestige object for many Universities.
> I don't like you boiled down all these new little satellites allowing so
> more people to exploit space to a pile of 'junk' used for the Alumni mags,
> graduate theses, and school recruitment. I'm sure that these fellows will
> hearing that. I know I did!
>  Cubesats and nanosats are funded by the sponsoring institutions from
which (I
> don't think, correct my if I am wrong) AMSAT doesn't receive much in
> The manpower going into the sats is mostly from new people who had a
desire to
> learn more about the business of building satellites. I recommend people
go out
> and read the websites published by these groups. And as for dilution of
> current volunteer force -  folks who are from our 'fold' are working hard
> get comms on their satellites, despite the power and space limits. They
> doing a wonderful job! And if the schools are drawing away money from
> recessed lighting and glass-walled computer rooms to build satellites,
that is
> a waste I'd approve of. Students already waste time from studies, no
> there :-)
>   These are students, engineers and scientists that are learning how to
> build, and manage a satellite. This is a pool of possible volunteers to
> the new ham satellites. They built one, why not another? And think about
> they may be in the future, and how that will help continue the development
> amateur satellite communications.
> > As you can see looking at the List of Satellites Projects for wich
> > frequencies have ben coordinated by IARU there are actually about 25
> > Universities building these boxes only for their experiments but not for
> > hams instead they are using the amateur frequency allocation without
> > involving the amateur community with amateur radio communication
> > capabilities comparable to that available beginning  from OSCAR-6
> > to AO40
>  So many times I have heard that people are not experimenting enough in
> radio. Here! Experiments! Amateur radio! There are such wonderful ideas -
> receivers, radar transponders, materials experiments...  BUT...
>  The amateur radio community is used to a very open style of
experimentation -
> ideas and results published on personal websites or magazines.  I don't
> with the operation of satellites in the amateur bands without some
> or discussion of the experiment to the community. It happens, however, and
> there aren't any laws (that I know of) saying they have to disclose much.
> feel it just isn't in the spirit of the hobby and of academia.
>  I think, however, that the benefits of encouraging this satellite work
> payoff in the future.
> > At least I believe that AMSAT-DL is working hard to get P3-E finished
> > launched soon, but I think that the mass flood of these Cubesat and
> > Nanosat makes it indeed more difficult just in direct proportion of
> > and man power dilution.
> I think the complete opposite - but let's see what happens. I'll bet you
$1 that
> I'll be right within 10 years. I eagerly await my buck...
> It makes me wonder; how many of these >microsat folks are on the email
> Perhaps a show of hands, guys? I can account for three in Boston. Who else
> working on a Cubesat? Nanosat? I'd be interested in talking to other folks
> about their projects; if enough people are out there, I'd like to set
> up to exchange ideas and hints. Let's not wait for the journal papers to
> published - should I use Kapton tape for attaching thermistors to
> Or epoxy?
> Why keep reinventing the wheel? Puzzling over the same problem?
> --
> Dave Goncalves
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