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About Trakbox


Thank you all for the replies. Unfortunatly it seems that this TRAKBOX 
system is no more available for many years. I am very interrested in it, 
because when I read well the information, it can run stand-alone without 

This is actually great for a portable (for me that's a small back-pack) 
station. No expensive and battery-power-eating systems needed, no loading of 
operating systems, or software drivers etc etc just simple KISS (Keep It 
Stupid Simple) hardware :o)

Maybe someone knows a same kind of system, like the trakbox ???

I am also interresting in the (8051 ?) tracking software, to see if I maybe 
can make an own system.
Some hardware I still have from a same project from several years ago, it 
failed mainly because of software problems :o(

Many of the good old things are dissapearing, like the IF-100 kit and 
1200BPSK PACSAT modem kit...  For beginners we make it very difficult for 
them, but maybe there is a reason for this.

73 de PE1RAH, William

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