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RE: Kid's Day

Here's a twist on kid's day that I think is really very cool.

I'm a 53 year old "kid" that was assisted by a fine young ham from Winnipeg,
in making my first two satellite contacts.  That young kid is:  

Aruni Perera VE4WMK - EN19
AMSAT Member #35560

I'm brand new to working the satellites.  I stumbled across an ad or link
concerning the Arrow II and thought "this'll give me something new to try".
I started doing some research, and I subscribed to this mailing list about 3
weeks ago.

Aruni had posted a message telling of her success with the recent QRP day
event and that she was using an Arrow II and an IC-W32A.  I emailed Aruni
and asked some questions, and for some advice, about gearing up and getting

Well, a couple of emails back and forth, some tutoring on how to program the
memories of the HT for Doppler etc., and I had success with SO-50 and AO-27
today. I think I'm going to get hooked on this. I'm already looking towards
a FT-847.

I didn't have a clue about Aruni's age until about our third email exchange.
She is 10 years old.  YAY!  There still is hope for future generations to
carry on this great hobby.  When I learned she was 10 I immediately thought
about my first hamming experiences 40 years ago.  It brought back good

Thanks Aruni!  You helped in more ways that just getting me going on this
segment of our hobby.

And I hope we soon get to work each other on the birds!

73 -

Bob KW3F

AMSAT Member #20850 

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