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Re: R: SkyCross 2.4 ghz antenna?

    I really, Don't but Do agree,  with you both . If it wasn't for 
those dang FM birds your favorite sats projects would fall flat on its 
nose. I do remember the complaining from many a QST article on how we 
got dumped from a ride at the last minute. Because that we were trying 
to be getting a free ride.  So we paid for it, took ten years or 
somthing like that? I am suprised that AO40  lasted as long as it did. 
How's your ten year old vehicle lasting these days?
    So you both want to condemn those FM dudes from experimenting?  How 
long ago was it when you were just getting into the sats? 
How did you get started?  Did you just go out and buy that equipment or 
did you build it?  Most of those stupid FM bird boys and girls graduated
on to the other birds , or what's left up there to work. Some go on to 
Pacsats and monitor the weather birds and such.  If it wasn't for those 
FM birds  Half of your contacts on the other birds wouldn't be there. 
Ever think of that? HEY you wanna give back those Grid contacts back? 
Those stupid birds were designed to entice the question, Can I make it? 
Can I work it? Wow I did it with what , a HT and an arrow antenna. 
    Don't forget your society of bird lovers was dwindling  before the 
Easy sats came along. Most of who worked AO 40 came off the FM birds and 
they DID create excitement and a push to the powers to be to push AO40 
off the ground. Don't forget thier money was sent in too. If it wasn't 
for that push AO40 would still be sittin at the dock waiting for its 
ship to get in.
Yes I would like to see another bird , somthing like AO10 that was a 
good one almost a easy sat. I would like to get a dish and work the 2.4 
up band. So I also am patiently waiting too.
We don't need complainers we need ELMERS, and money.... hi
So quite complaining and donate.... money that is. ... hi
And in the mean time Elmer some one to the easy sats along with the hard 
ones too,  some like the challenge YOU may be supprised
If not go to HF.....work the terestals there.... hi
How soon they forget.
So I challenge You to help!

Dave Guimont wrote:

>> > Hope the German bird comes along soon so I can get back to 
>> experimenting.
>> What kind of science is it, to buy a FM ham radio hand held and 
>> modify it
>> for use on a box if  actually we dont have a satellite available to
>> communicate worldwide as we did using all modes with OSCAR-10, 13 and
>> AO40 ?
> Yes, I certainly agree with you, Dom.  I've been screaming about this 
> for years.  We are lucky to have Europe behind the P3 program, and 
> I've given what little support I can to them, and not AMSAT-NA...
> I just hope AMSAT-NA hasn't shot themselves in the foot with the 
> ridiculous FM birds.
> Time will tell..
> Very nice to hear from you, Dom.  A lot of us have our fingers crossed!!!
>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                    Disagree: I learn....

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