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Kid's Day

To All (Especially the Command Team),

Thank you so much for this opportunity to make a couple of little girls so 
excited.  My oldest Julia , age 9, was calling all over telling family and 
friends about the experience.  She made several contacts.  Katie, my 6 year 
old, was also very excited.  Although I don't think she grasped the Idea of 
an orbiting Satellite.

The satellite sounded great.  It was 20 over 9 off the side of my 18 ele 
horizontal M2.  Wow.  I now wish I had planned a little better to have some 
of their school classes out.  This is just the type of thing that gets 
people interested.  My first contact with Amateur radio was a set-up at a 
mall in Athens, OH.  I was 10 years old.  They only had a 2m rig to a dipole 
talking on a repeater, but that was what set my heart on radio for almost 30 
years now.

Hopefully, next year the satellite Kids day will be able to be done on the 
regular Kids Day.  I know that the satellite was reconfigured for the 
Tsunami disaster durring that time though.

Never the less, thank you all for this indulgence.


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