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Re: NOVA troubles

I too am having some of the same troubles.  I really love Nova but 
sometimes it's a pain to use. 
After playing with the views I finally decided that I should never close 
one.  It disappears from the view list. I can not find the Individual 
View Configuration screen to save them.  Found a work around by cloning 
the view and renaming it.  I do this because when I create a view and 
name it, it gets changed to either Default or Current view.  Even this 
way if I make a change to a view, it does not change in the view 
matching the name, just the current view.  So I concluded the best thing 
to do is keep all your views open at diffent sizes and click on the one 
you want.  Don't ever close one.

Yes it seems that Space Track uses different names than we are used to.  
By clicking the Preserve Satellite Names box, Nova will use the old 
names and make it Kep updates through the Catalog number I guess.  But 
if your like me while trying to figure this out and lost the old names 
by clcking the Clean button, I found two ways to get them back.
  1.  I downloaded an old set of Keps from Celestrack ans made sure to 
check the Preserve Satellite Names box before updating with Space Track.

  2. Or you can change the name in the Setup Satellites area.  Click the 
Preserve Satellite Names box before updating with Space Track.  This way 
you can change it to whatever you want.

Now your doppler and antenna controls will work again.
It would be nice to have doppler control built into Nova.  I am 
presently using WispDDE.

Hope this helps some from my experiences.
73s Dan N8DZM
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