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Re: R: SkyCross 2.4 ghz antenna?

Domenico you are so right, those of us in the satellite wilderness, 
Australia , Africa, Asia, South America would love to be back on the air 
again. All these cubesats etc are ok for the North Americans and 
Europeans to play with but the rest of the world has equipment sitting 
here for over a year now with no one to talk to !! I can only contact 
about 5-6 other Australian stations on any satellite these days, 
compared to Ao40 its like being in a locked room with no door !!
Bring on P3E before we loose interest in radio forever.
73 de Keith VK6XH

i8cvs wrote:

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>>Hope the German bird comes along soon so I can get back to experimenting.
>>This satellite withdrawal is horrible!!!
>>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>>                    Disagree: I learn....
>Hi Dave, WB6LLO
>My hope is indeed to have P3-E launched at the end of 2005, but as far I
>know it may be also early 2006 because P3-E will fly on a new type of
>ARIANE-5 launcher but the last test failed and the next one will be made
>in february this year.
>In my opinion the German bird also need more support from the community but
>unfortunately there is now a huge trend to build more and more of  LEO boxes
>to fly around earth using the Amateur Satellite frequency allocation and I
>would not call them satellites, because just a box with some solar panels
>does not make a real satellite for communications and to my opinion  even
>the old OSCAR-7 is actually much better for communications than a single
>channel FM transponder because yesterday I got a nice and long SSB QSO
>via OSCAR-7 with SP4JCR, OE3WAN and S57LM
>As we see, most of these boxes like Cubesat and Nanosat are almost useless,
>in particular for the ham satellite community and they are a waste of money
>and resourches. It's more like a prestige object for many Universities.
>As you can see looking at the List of Satellites Projects for wich
>frequencies have been coordinated by IARU there are actually about 25
>Universities building these boxes only for their experiments but not for
>hams instead they are using the amateur frequency allocation without
>involving the amateur community with amateur radio communication
>capabilities comparable to that available beginning  from OSCAR-6
>to AO40
>What kind of science is it, to buy a FM ham radio hand held and modify it
>for use on a box if  actually we dont have a satellite available to
>communicate worldwide as we did using all modes with OSCAR-10, 13 and
>AO40 ?
>As you realize the weels are re-invented again and again but for us
>satellite users this is someting we did almost 30 years ago ! ! ! This is
>history and nothing like science anymore.
>Instead it would be better to help to build quickly a HEO satellite like
>P3-E carriing the easy as well the advanced communications capabilities but
>unfortunately very fews seams to be interested on a "Satellite for all" .
>At least I believe that AMSAT-DL is working hard to get P3-E finished and
>launched soon, but I think that the mass flood of these Cubesat and other
>Nanosat makes it indeed more difficult just in direct proportion of funds
>and man power dilution.
>Best 73 de
>i8CVS Domenico
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