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Tracking Software

At 02:01 05/02/2005, you wrote:
>I'm really dislike having to write this sort of note, but I DESPERATELY
>need some sort of tracking/doppler program that I can recommend to the
>CUBESAT community.  I've spent more time trying to get "simple" computer
>programs going than developing hardware.  I give up!!!  Is there ANYONE
>in the AMSAT community than can wire decent, windows program without
>computer knowledge SPECIFICALLY for satellite use?  If you do not understand
>the frustration of this note, you have not tried NOVA or WISP!!
>      Oh by the way---I do not care to engage in and endless debate by those
>that peer at a screen 24 hours a day.  Performance is primary!!  Cliff K7RR

Very rarely mentioned on the board, is a tracking program called LOGSAT


I own both LOGSAT and NOVA, both are on my PC, but its logsat that gets used.
you can download a demo version from their website
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