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Nova 2.2a (build 10) & WispDDE problem

The new build of Nova (2.2a build 10) is available on the www.nlsa.com
website.  This version now supports downloads of keps from
space-track.org, and is suppose to handle mapping the names used by
space-org to the more common names (ie. "AO-51" for "AMSAT ECHO").

Could anyone who is using WispDDE and this new version of Nova please
confirm that both script tracking and autotracking are using the correct
satellite names?  When I select a satellite for autotracking or
configure a view for script-tracking the new space-track.org satellite
names get used.  This breaks WispDDE since it parses satellite names
from the Nova DDE string up to the first space (ie. "AMSAT ECHO" becomes
"AMSAT" and "OSCAR 10" or "OSCAR 16" become "OSCAR").

This maybe an artifact of my having used an earlier beta release of
2.2a, but I am still seeing the same behavior with the latest version. 
Anyone else experiencing this problem?

-Freeman, N5FPP
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