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Re: NOVA bug in version 2.2a????

Cliff Buttschardt wrote:

>I'm really dislike having to write this sort of note, but I DESPERATELY
>need some sort of tracking/doppler program that I can recommend to the
>CUBESAT community.  I've spent more time trying to get "simple" computer
>programs going than developing hardware.  I give up!!!  Is there ANYONE 
>in the AMSAT community than can wire decent, windows program without
>computer knowledge SPECIFICALLY for satellite use?  If you do not understand
>the frustration of this note, you have not tried NOVA or WISP!!
>     Oh by the way---I do not care to engage in and endless debate by those
>that peer at a screen 24 hours a day.  Performance is primary!!  Cliff K7RR
I dislike the answer that comes to mind from long computer use and 
training experience, but here goes...

I think the user interface you're looking for is built in to satellite 
telephones.  They're simple to use.  Dial a number, talk to someone.  
The interface mimics a standard cell phone, even though a sat phone is a 
completely different beast.  They cost a lot of money.

Seriously... they want to work amateur sats but they can't drive a 
Windows app?  Come on...

The economics just aren't there for "great software" in hobby 
applications -- virtually NO hobbiest software meets commercial 
standards, and never will.  The one major exception is the constant 
improvement shown by fully open-source software because when one guy 
writing burns out, someone else can choose to take his/her place.

I'm all for cheering on great software that's simple to use and 
efficient, and love to see it when it happens, but the reality is that 
great closed-source software is like great art - there's a lot more bad 
stuff than good stuff and even after good stuff arrives, it takes a 
while to build momentum amongst those that play with new things and 
adopt early before people realize it exists and start using it.  Great 
open-source software takes time, but eventually arrives if the initial 
foundation is relatively good and your user base includes a large number 
of programmers.

To elaborate on your real question (and be a bit less harsh...), there 
are probably 1 in 10 people in AMSAT that *believe* they can write great 
software, and maybe 1 in 10 of those people who truly can.  You're going 
to be waiting a while. 

Time spent on educating your users to simply use and understand their 
computers and finding ways to motivate them to do so  might be the most 
effective solution.  And maybe one of them will get hooked and become 
that long-shot programmer.  If you even feel responsible to do so...

If you do, don't "give up".  Re-evaluate your tactical situation and act 
accordingly.  ;-) 

But remember, it's not your problem if they don't know how to use things 
they purchased unless they purchased it from you.  (This is one of the 
hardest lessons any of us with a bent toward helping others has to 
learn.)  If they're motivated enough they'll figure it out.  If they're 
not... how's that your problem?

We all have our motivations on why we help other people with things -- 
but you do have to know when to "cut bait" and go fish somewhere else.

Make them a list of things they need to understand to do the task and 
let them decide if they're willing to put in the effort, if you really 
want to help them.  The list should include whatever tailored list for 
their skill level they need to learn like learning to drive Windows apps.

Nate WY0X
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