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Idea, kepler data in the future for ham-sats


Just an idea about the kepler problem.
As it will only be available via internet, via Space-Track, and only when 
you are registered (and propably pay a lot) there seems to be no problem for 
ham world...

Although the problem is that you are not allowed to distribute the kepler 
data. I just don't know how they want to check this, but when it is not 
allowed to distribute their 2line-keplers, then we can still distribut it in 
AMSAT-Kepler-format on amateur packet networks, as it is not their format...
When it is only for the amateur satellites there must be no national 
security problem for the US at all.

Is there no other organisation that can distribute the keplers of our 
ham-sats ?
We can not do it our-selves ??


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