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Re: ao-51 tonight

On 1 Feb 2005 at 13:28, Kyle Yoksh wrote:

> Hi to all on the list..
> I'm looking forward to the AO-51 QRP mode tonight. It will be fun 
> AO-51 without the (expletive) PL tone! hi hi
> I'll be using my HTs and XE1MEX Arrow antenna A.K.A " the $80 FM 
> groundstation ".
> It might be fun to know if anyone has a less expensive setup than 
> Uplink rig is a Radio Shack HTX-202 and downlink rig a HTX-404. 
Bought the
> HTs on Ebay for $40 apiece, made the antenna from scrap aluminum 
tubing. Who
> says that building a groundstation is expensive? :-)

What about an Alinco DJ-580T with a broken BNC connector swap for a 
PK88 TNC found to be inoperative and a MFJ-1715 flex antenna a gift i 
won with a draw ticket who has been given to me by someone who have 
to leave early at a christmas party.

Total cost "a donation"  the TNC has been taken from an estate table 
at a hamfest with the usual donation can. lets say it was free. But 
the recent battery pack cost me about 60$CND from e-bay.

2 usable orbits on wednesday 0434 and 1704 eastern time. the 2 other 
ones are at a max of elev 6 degrees.


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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