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QRP AO-51 Experimenter's Wednesday this week!

Hi Gang,

QRP time is here again on AO-51. Beginning 2 FEB 2005 UTC (Tuesday night in the US) AO-51 will be configured to accomadate QRP users only for a 24 hr period as part of Experimenter's Wednesday. All QRP stations are invited to participate. The criteria for QRP is quoted below from the Echo Operations page:


>To attempt to keep this simple a low power station will be defined as a station which can deliver no more than 10 >watts to a vertical or handheld antenna.

>Some examples of Low Power Stations:
>1) Using an HT (barefoot, no amplifier) with 10 watts or less output into any type of vertical whip antenna          >(rubber duck, etc) or handheld beam antenna (arrow type).
>2) Using a mobile station with 10 watts or less output into car mounted mobile whip antenna(s).
>3) Using a base station at 10 watts output into a vertical omnidirectional antenna on the side of the house.

>Examples that are NOT Low Power Stations:
>1) Any type of high gain beam antenna, KLM, M2, Cushcraft, etc.
>2) Any station transmitting over 10 watts into any type of antenna.

>How well we operate the satellite within these guidelines will determine how much we can run this mode in the >future. So lets try and do this right!

Now that you've read the requirements, here are the frequencies:

>FM Repeater, V/U QRP mode
>Uplink: 145.880 mhz FM, NO PL Tone required
>Downlink 435.300 mhz FM

Note that the uplink is different, and there will be no PL tone required to access the satellite.

I hope to hear many QRP stations on tomorrow night!

73, Drew KO4MA
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