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How "clean" is the AO-51 digital FSK signal ?

Hi !

I wonder if any of the 9k6 pacsat gurus out there could make a statement
on how "clean" the digital AO-51 FSK packet radio signal is trasmitted in
comparison to earlier 9600 baud pacsats.

Using only omnidirectional antennas here on my side the downlink (specially
when in the
usual low power mode) is rather weak and I noticed that I need a relatively
strong signal
to be able to decode anything (using a TNC2 with original G3RUH 9600 baud
With the other pacsats I think I could decode also weaker signals as
compared to AO-51,
but this is only a subjective feeling since none of the old birds is left to
make a real comparison.
(except PoSAT-1 on 429.950 which would confirm my observation)

I never looked at the eye-pattern on a oscilloscope to assess the downlink
signal quality, but I
suspect it is different from the old Surrey generation of satellites. Can
somebody confirm this ?

When using large antennas with strong downlink signals maybe you won't
notice a difference :-)

73 de Oscar, dj0my
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