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How much Vp-p to drive FT-847 on 9600 baud FSK ?

Hi !

I wonder how many volts peak-peak (as read on an oscilloscope) will
give the optimum deviation required for 9600 baud FSK packet
radio operation on a YAESU FT-847.

I tried to google a bit and only found one source from a TAPR mailing
list where a ham appaerently needs 3Vp-p for 3.5 kHz deviation on his
FT-847 (thus 50% more than the maximum specified input level)

I've set my TNC now to 3Vp-p according to above source and terrestrial UHF
packet seems to work OK, but I never tried on AO-51 so far. I have no
meter to check my current deviation resulting from the 3Vp-p.

What are your experiences / how much Vp-p are you using on your FT 847 ?

And one more thing which comes to my mind now:
Did anybody check if one drive level results in exactly the same FM
deviation on
both VHF and UHF on the FT 847 ? (I would need VHF for mode J uplink and
UHF for terrestrial packet radio network)

73 de Oscar, dj0my
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