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145.920 very bad over Europe

Hi all,
I have tried to listen to FO-29 on the downlink frequency corresponding
to an uplink frequency of 145.920 MHz to see what the problem is
with AO-51.
That is really an experience. There are all sorts of noise. Some of
it sounds like white noise - other transmitters transmit tones - but
what they have in common is that they are very strong. None of the
ones I heard were voice modulated.
The downlink signal from FO-29 from those transmitters this evening was 59
It is very difficult to find out where the transmitters are. Some of
them are in the usual problem area in Saudi Arabia or other states
in the Gulf area - and perhaps others in Russia.
What is all boils down to is that the uplink to AO-51 should be moved
away from 145.920 MHz. It is more or less unusable unless you have
a high power station and large antennas. That is at least on passes to
the East and South of me here in Copenhagen.
In February we will have a chance to see what happens, when the uplink is
on 145.880 MHz. May be that is better.
Have a nice weekend
73 OZ1MY
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