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RE: RFI problem

 >The Klipsch speakers are not cheap.  Mine are the 
 >THX certified ones and run $199 new.  If you 
 >neighbor is audio or gaming buff he may go 
 >for this option.

Thanks Freeman. I think the Klipsch speakers will be too expensive for his budget. He’s a family man with 4 kids. But if I can’t find something less expensive, maybe I’ll offer to split the cost with him.

 >The RF might be affecting the sound card itself, 
 >not the speakers, and any ferrite beads in the 
 >speaker cable will not do any good.

 >BTW, ferrite beads may not make the best choke 
 >at 144 MHz; they are better for HF. You may have 
 >better results using a powered iron core specified 
 >for 144 MHz. Try winding the cable like a toroidal 
 >inductor, not just passing it through the core 
 >(you will need a large diameter core for that).
 >Good luck,
 >Marc N2UO
Thanks Marc. I’m sure the problem is the speakers (happens when they are unplugged). The cores I used are designed for VHF (they were for PC monitor cables) they are probably powdered iron but I don't actually know. I did wrap the cables in the cores. I managed 4 turns. 
If I can't find some speakers that work out of the box and if I can get him to let me have the speakers for a week or so, maybe I can try some different types and see what works.

 >Give him yours.... ;-)

Thanks Roger. I would but mine aren’t amplified and don’t have a ‘sub woofer’.

Steve .. AI7W
LM #2270
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