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Re: International Space Station mode (fwd)

On 28 Jan 2005 at 0:00, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

> My point is to use the right equipment for the job. If what you
> are using doesn't work, make or get something that does.
> Don't complain the satellite is too weak, or suggest a 
>reconfiguration of another whole satellite just to make a 
>inefficient station work.

The Handie-Talkie syndrome. We still received here complaints on our 
local repeaters as this one "The repeater is surely not working 
properly i cannot "kerchunk it" with my 500mw HI-POWER switched 

But after some explanations given this is not changing the fact there 
was too much low ERP used on the considering the path losses! but the 
culprit..knows know where the problem is:)

There is nothing to be ashamed about being ignorant but a lot in 
remaining it.  This will remain true for the rest of our life. 

I learn each day!

> I do not agree that you need 10-20 watts, or that you must have 
elevation rotors or even big antennas. There are lots of people using 
Echo everyday on small inexpensive beams, or omnidirectional antennas 
with a preamp. Find out what people that are making contacts are 
using instead of trying to get by with a setup that doesn't work. 
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is 
the very definition of insanity!

Quite rude! read above about ignorance. If someone is questionning 
proven facts he will probably elaborate a new theory that he will 
shared alone. Is this make him insane? Look around you,  the world is 
full of peoples who think they are holding the truth!
> Satellite ham radio is one of those things where you get out of it 
what you put into it. A little bit of effort in the choice and 
application of equipment and operating procedures goes a very long 
ways to making it a very enjoyable experience. I want everyone to be 
able to use the satellites, but AMSAT can't do it all for you. There 
has to be some effort from the user end.
This one is the PLUG and PLAY syndrome we all suffer of it at various 
level. Did you always read over the instrution manuals when you buy  
new goodies?

I'm not! Am i insane?  (door open here) not sure!  apparently we are 
always the last to know:)
Hope god will take care of you all...I'm too busy actually!

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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