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Re: International Space Station mode (fwd)

I agree with Drew but for different reasons.  Although APRS on the ISS is a 
nice mode, it's not exactly what I would call universal.  Most APRS 
stations don't use it (they are left tuned to 144.390) and even if they 
did, the amount of traffic would overwhelm the ISS digipeater.  However it 
does appear to have some benefit to those who use it, which is a good part 
of why it should be in this mode.

The reason I don't think the ISS should be in voice mode is that most 
people trying to use the ISS in voice don't work it responsibly.  Working 
the ISS in voice mode is neither easy nor something that can be left to 
chance.   By this I am particularly referring to the need for transmitting 
stations to compensate for mode U/V doppler, something simplex users of 
Mode V/U are not used to doing.  The result is that many stations are off 
frequency which has the unintentional effect of appearing to jam the 
satellite.  Other problems I noted are that even experienced users aren't 
using NFM and don't watch their deviation (which took me a couple of 
minutes to realize since I had not run into that situation before.)

So although I enjoyed working the ISS in voice mode, the feedback I 
received from many people is that the user experience was not as good as 
expected.  So while it would be good to turn on voice mode (and apparently 
there will at some point be simultaneous voice and APRS,) I would recommend 
that it not be turned on in voice mode unless the mode could be changed to 
V/U.  This would solve some of the problems with off-frequency stations.



At 06:41 AM 1/28/2005 -0500, McGrane wrote:
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>Subject: International Space Station mode
>Greetings from Patrick N2OEQ
>This mail is regarding two issues. First is a possible mode change on ISS
>and second is the power level on Oscar Echo.
>The Echo power level will remain at flea power for the foreseeable future
>with a few exceptions to make the satellite last longer. I read in the
>ECHO manual I purchased that it was capable of up to 7 watts and I was
>very happy when it was turned up to 2 watts.
>Since the echo satellite is only practically useable by well equiped
>stations, I would like to see the ISS kenwood radio switched over to
>cross-band repeat mode since it is capable of higher power output and
>useable by more common regularly equipped stations.
>Unfortuneatly, The astronauts rarely make QSO's which is what I would
>really like so the next best thing is for us to work each other through
>the ISS.
>If the ISS had BBS packet capability, I wouldnt mind the packet, but
>simple digipeating no longer appeals to me personally.
>Thank you for allowing me to post this, 73 to all, Patrick N2OEQ 32323
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