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Re: R: UCISAT Update and Question

On 26 Jan 2005 at 11:42, i8cvs wrote:

> Hi Matt, KF6RTB
> To choose a frequency for a satellite working in to the Satellite 
> band is not a private affair between you and the FCC but between 
you and
> all the radio amateur community through the IARU Frequency 
> and the IARU Satellite Advisor actually ZS6AKV Hans Van de 
> zs6akv@amsat.org
> For a correct procedure ask more information to Martha Saragovitz 
at the
> AMSAT-NA Office martha@amsat.org and to W3PK,Perry Klein
> perryklein@earthlink.net or to the ARRL,the American Radio Relay 
> arrl@amsat.org
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico

I think Domenico you want to ask if there is a governing entity who 
manadged and assign or authorized frequencies among world wide 
amateur satellite community?

There is rules at IARU but i'm not sure if they have any enforcing 
power could be an advisory one only.

The rest is up to the folks involved in the satellite construction. 
If they choose to go ahead i think they can do it without asking for 
any authorisations.

Did this happen often?  i don't know,  but i just recall the Maroc-
tubsat saga in 2002. Here is a memory refresh for those who where not 
there at that time:

On 23 January 2002, the word spread around the world about an 
"intruder" on the 144-146 MHz amateur band. Space listener's quickly 
identified the satellite as MAROC-TUBSAT, launched 10 December from 
Baikonur in Kazakhstan on a Zenit-2 rocket. The satellite has the 
international designation 2001-56D and is in an orbit with an 
inclination of 99.6 degrees, a period of 105.2 minutes and an 
altitude between 986.8 and 1015.5 km

Originally, Morocco filed the following frequencies with the ITU.

143.625 MHz  (same as voice from ISS and Mir!!)
436.075 MHz
2208.0 MHz 

The satellite was heard on 144.1 MHZ and IARU was never mentionned 

The presently used frequency appears to be a violation of 
international agreements on how to use the 144-146 MHz radio amateur 
band (the so-called 2 meter band). The OSCAR satellite sub-band is  
145.8-146.0 MHz.  Morocco is an IARU member (International Amateur 
Radio Union) and should be well aware of this. 2-m band planning 
gives 144.05-144.10 for general CW and weak signals and 144.10-144.20 
for Earth-Moon-Earth transmissions and weak signal Single Side Band 
(SSB) communications.

This was in 2002 and we are in 2005... International binding 
authorities loose weight since that time... Is this is a trend or a 
deliberate choice? I think we have to rely only on us (read amateur 
world community) to get the answer. 

If the word cooperation is still meaning something,  it will be 
interresting to follow the events and comments from the yelling 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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