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Re: PDA Software Question

> HI all,
> May I please have your recommendations on tracking software for my Sony
> Clie (Palm OS) for a minimal setup using an Arrow and an HT. I can run
> and print pass predictions beforehand, so no real need for that feature.
> Mainly looking for a graphical location map, az-el, Doppler, AOS, LOS
> and range. Off list would be fine.
> Thanks much.
> André Venter, N1AJV


I use PocketSat+ v1.8c http://www.bigfattail.com on my Clie (OS5) with an HT and
Arrow. It has all the features you mention except doppler and range. Palm ready
Keps are available (at least until 1 April) at http://www.alain.it/keps/

It's a very nice program with features such as optional alarm to alert you of
passes, nighttime colors and graphical footprint mapping. Great forum on the
website too. Pmail if you have more questions.

John Meeks
New Amsat Member

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