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R: R: Experimenters VS users "equilibrium point"

Hi Luc

10450 MHz is correct for the X band downlink on P3-E but 10480 MHz 
as mentioned by VE2DWE is a wrong frequency band.

As far I know only the S band receiver 2450 MHz will work with the X band
transponder for the P5-E MARS probe using a 2 MHz  BW for the ranging

When in linear mode the X band transponder will use only a BW of 50 KHz
but the AMSAT-DL frequency Table do not mention any Uplink in to the L band
to be used for the X band Downlink when in linear mode.

In this case my actual 10450 to 10452 MHz downconverter should be OK 
and I have only to modify my uplink from the actual 2400 - 2402 MHz in 
to the new 2447 or 2450 MHz frequency band but as far I know the final 
frequency choise for the pair has been not yet decided.

In addition the 70 cm uplink will be used for both,the 2 m Downlink and the
13 cm Downlink but only one Downlink will be available at a time,not both

It is also planned to use the 23 cm Uplink for the 13 cm Downlink

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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Subject: Re: R: [amsat-bb] Experimenters VS users "equilibrium point"

> Hi Domenico,
> > About the 2450 MHz UP(s) and 10480 MHz DOWN experimental
> > that you list in your Table I would like to know where you got this
> > information.
> Take a look at http://www.amsat.org.uk/iaru/finished_detail.asp?serial=26
> There you will find the following wording:
> Follow on project from AO40 using AO10/13 spare space frame. Target
orbit -
> 30,000km apogee - 2,000km perigee 60 deg inc. Target launch in 2005 or
> on a Ariane 5 rocket. 29MHz, 435MHz, 1260/68MHz and 5668 uplinks with
> downlinks on 145MHz, 2400MHz, 24GHz and 47GHz. Also intending to carry
> experimental coherent transponder with 2447MHz uplink and 10450MHz
downlink -
> intended to trial P5 ranging experiment. 10 year mission life
> sou it actually states 2447 MHz uplink.
> >
> > The actual Table of P3-E frequency planning available in the AMSAT-DL
> > site shows that the final frequency pairs for the (S) and (X) bands are
> > yet decided.
> >
> > If  your frequency pair are correct I am sorry because in preparing
> > for AO40 going deeply in my pocket pants I have built a 10 watt uplink
> > 2400 MHz to 2402 MHz that was used only one time for a succesfull S/K
> > experiment on AO40 that was planned by the AO40 command stations.
> >
> > Again if your frequency pair are correct I am also sorry because
> > for AO40 I have built a 10450 MHz to 10452 MHz downconverter and
> > preamplifier in to a 60 cm dish that never was used because the AO40
> > X band TX failed but my satellite X band receiving system is still
> > on the roof and if your information is correct it will wait for nothing
> > the future except for my sun noise measurements.
> >
> As far as I know, the L-band receiver will also work on the X-band
> if the X-band experimental transponder is in 'linear' mode.
> 73, Luc
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