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Re: MARScom with HAM downlink ?

I appologize.  In my enthusiasm for having figured out a 
way for at least some HAMS to play with another satellite,
my statement was missleading.  The satellite will only be
for the cadre of US hams that are volunteers in support
of the MARS program.  It will not use HAM frequenceis
though it will be an good design example for a low cost
mode A satellite should someone else find funding to 
build another one..    de WB4APR, Bob

>>> Nigel Gunn <nigel@ngunn.net> 1/25/05 9:56:56 AM >>>
Contrary to your claim "other than the fact that ANYONE with a HAM 
license can join MARS and as a MARS member, they can use the 
satellite.", the eligibility criteria below would seem to specifically

preclude the majority of the worlds amateurs from joining MARS.

*Eligibility to Join NAVMARCORMARS*
An applicant must:

   1. be 18 years of age or older,
   2. be a United States Citizen or Legal Resident Alien,
   3. possess a valid amateur radio license issued by the Federal
      Communications Commission or other competent U.S. authority --
      Technician class or above, and
   4. possess a station capable of operating on the MARS HF
      (2.0 - 30 Mhz).
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