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At 11:33 AM 1/25/05 -0500, Timothy A. Holmes (W8TAH) wrote:
>Hi Folks:
>I am experiencing extreme frustration trying to hear AO-51
>Let me describe my setup which, I realize is not great for satellite work 
>(which is why I'm only trying to hear the blasted thing)
>Radio - IC706MKII
>Antenna 5/8 wave Bottom loaded groundplane at about 15 feet
>the only pre-amp I have is the one in the radio, and the COAX is basic RG 
>-8 i think
>I have been trying off and on to hear AO51 -- even just a gradual slight 
>silencing of the static would make me happy just to know I can hear it.
>I mean guys are working the thing with HT's and Rubber duckies without any 
>trouble, and I used to use the same antenna to listen to UO 14 on my vx5R.
>Last Night about 9:30 or quarter to 10 -- I dont have my numbers in front 
>of me, I was listening from 435.290 to 435.310 during a 69 degree pass 
>here in the cleveland area and I heard nothing. My keps are only about 2 
>days old, I use nova and just had it do an automatic download from 
>whereever it defaults to to get them (celestrack I think). I didnt see 
>anything on the schedule page about the spacecraft being off.
>I really dont know where the problme is.  I had just used the radio and 
>antenna system earlier in the night for a net, so I know that its all good.
>Please throw some suggestions out here, I know I really dont have a prayer 
>of making it into the spacecraft without el-az antennas and true full 
>duplex, but I would think that I should be able to at least here some of 
>the downlink from it.

Can't work'em if ya can't hear'em.

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