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Hi Tim,

Nice topic hihi. I can understand your frustrations as it also happened 
often with me :o)
Most of the times it was just a little problem, but hard to find.

I just mention some things you can check:

- Check with other amsat ham who has no problems what is the satellites 
az/el for your qth. Most programs you can fill in other qth locator. The ham 
can tell you the el-az of AO51 at a certain time (for you to check your 

--> When your tracking program gives wrong az/el:
- Check if your tracking program is set to the UTC time ? When it uses local 
time it doesn't work.
  (or you must be in country where UTC = Local time)
- Maybe the keplers are not okay... use relayable download source...

--> Tracking is okay:
- When you have antenna tracking, check if the antennas are not out off 
- Check with terrestrial station (eg packet node, fm node) if all is working 
- When using handheld antenna, go to open field... in urban areas it often 
gives problems...
- Wait for high az pass (>30 AZ) and if the satellite is activated...

When it still doesn't work... let me know...

73 de PE1RAH,

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