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RE: RE: 38k4 Operation with FT 847

Hi Howard,

As I recall, this is exactly what Frank Perkins, WB5IPM did with some 9600 DSP code for the AMSAT/TAPR DSP-93 unit.  He had different code that was optimized a bit for different rigs and for different satellites.  And I think it was the FIR that was "twiddled."  I was lucky enough to be on the beta testing team for the DSP-93--it was (and still is) a nice unit, given the date of development and release!

It won't run 38k4 code though ;-)

As for the question of 38k4 packet code for the DSP-12 or the 2232 units--I do not know.  I imagine somebody on the list can answer...(N4HY??)

Mark N8MH

>it is
> possible to correct for this on the ground receiver with DSP techniques.
> Sadly, each transmitter will have differing characteristics...
> 73, Howard G6LVB
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