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MARScom with HAM downlink ?


I just read about the MARScom satellite project on the internet.
I just read the following:

>The uplink to the satellite will occur between 249 to 254 MHz and downlink 
>will occur between 27 >to 29 MHz. This will allow us to utilize the Navy’s 
>MARS bandwidth. Since the MARS frequencies are >an amateur band, encryption 
>will not be required on our system.

You can find it under:

It seems to me that ham frequencies are use to avoid any encryption, and 
propably also for a cheap downlink frequencies...  This all  for a 
"Navy/Marine Corps Military Affilliate Radio System"...
Espacially he the word "Millitary" doesn't taste to well for me in 
combination with a ham downlink.

What this satellite will contribute to the international ham community ???
In what part of the 27...29MHz band the downlink will be ???
In the ham-satellite section ??? (I really hope not...)

You can not use 137MHz area ? its also satellite section and none ham.


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