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Re: Comparing rigs TS-2000 vs FT-897D --> IC-820H

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 04:48, K5OE@aol.com wrote:
> John,
> NE0P writes:
> >Doesn't SO41 require a PL tone?  I remember getting on
> >that satellite with a TS2000 I had, so it must have
> >been possible to use a PL tone while set up in
> >satellite memories.
> >73s John NE0P
> The TS2K has several ways to work a satellite with a PL tone, but not in
> the preferable SATL mode.  The most common is to simply operate in SPLIT
> mode, similar to how any dual-band transceiver might work.  The downside of
> this is you cannot hear yourself.  Another option is to use the SUB
> receiver for 70 cm and the MAIN receiver (and transmitter) for 2 meters. 
> The reason people don't like this option is 1) the SUB receiver is slightly
> less sensitive to the MAIN receiver, 2) the SUB receiver lacks some of the
> DSP functions, and 3) it is not a natural configuration for much of the
> software out there that controls the rig's frequency for Doppler shift.

Well, you can also use the Sub Receiver as transmitter for 2m / 70cm, so that 
you have still the features of the main band as the better receiver. 
Disadvantage is of course, that you will not be able to transmit on the 
L-band with this configuration!

Software is easily upgraded, only needs to issue the FC command instead of the 
FB command to set the uplink. 

> All Kenwood has to do is change some bit in the firmware that allows the
> TUNE function to work in SATL mode and all will be fine with the world. 
> They have done that in the past on previous firmware upgrades to fix other
> minor issues and the users just download the new flash file from the web
> and install it on the rig. 73,
> Jerry, VK8OE

73, Luc
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