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PCsat in Full Operations

PCsat has been restored to Full operations for the next two
weeks for real-time packet QSO.  (thanks to command
station VK2XGJ this morning).   PCsat's digipeater is for human,
attended operations only.  No unattended operations are
welcome (see the User Service Agreement).


PCsat is an APRS digipeater responding to the usual APRS
aliases of RELAY, WIDE.   To work others, simply QSY your
normal APRS station to 145.825 during a pass.  No other
changes to normal operation should be required.

Passes are occuring during the few hours or so after sunrise
and after sunset.  But each day the period moves earlier by
30 minutes.

If you can operate an IGate, please do so for this period.

The live captured downlink can be seen on


Enjoy.  This will only last 2 weeks of full sun and maybe two more
weeks before the power budget goes negative.  Remember, after
the full sun period (2 weeks) then all it takes is one RESET and
we lose it for the next 6 months.  So as long as we dont overload
it after the 2 weeks, she might last another 2 weeks or until
the first reset...

de WB4APR, Bob
US Naval Academy Satellite Ground Station
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