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38k4 Operation with FT 847

I am considering setting up for 38k4 operation.  Is an IFD mod essential 
for reception using an FT 736 or FT 847 and a TNC3S with appropriate 
modems or simply desirable?  I have both an FT 736 and an FT 847 that I 
have used for sat operation.  I would likely want use the 847 for this 
mode.  It is mighty tight in there though as I discovered when I 
installed INRAD filters.

I would also appreciate comments on installing the mod.  I have written 
Ulf to ask if he would do it for a fee.  If he will I would still face 
round trip airfreight for an 847 from Oregon which is certain to be 
expensive.  Hence I am looking for input as to the difficulty of the mod 
if it is essential.


Dean Shutt
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