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Re: More L Band

Don't forget about using varacter "tripplers."  There are several home brew versions floating around the web as well as the Microwave Modules Ltd. MMV-1296 shows up every now and then on ebay (I bought one a few years ago for about $50).  These work just fine for CW and FM.  You use 70 cm (requires expanding the 70 cm transmit to 423 MHz, perfectly legal, for the satellite band at 1260 MHz) for the uplink, so even an HT would work for AO-51 and the other sats mentioned.  

I presented a paper at AMSAT-UK (2002) on a "suitcase portable" L/S system using one of the MML tripplers and an FT-100 on AO-40 (I have several CW contacts using this combination).  The presentation was more remembered, however, for the pictures of my 210 HP azimuth rotator (a Ford F-150).
Jerry, VK8OE
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