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Re: Echo and Real-Time Packet Qso's

>>> "Ken Patterson" <kenp@etex.net> 01/23/05 3:26 PM >>>
>I have looked around the internet (amsat.org & the AMSAT BB) 
>and not found the answer to my questions....
>Do you know if digipeating is currently enabled on Echo? 
>I assume the uplink is 145.860 & the dounlink is 435.150, 
>both of which are at 9600 baud packet.

The ECHO team has not gotten around to enabling real-time
UI-digipeating or APRS messaging.  All they have to do is flip
a bit to enable digipeting so that we can use the bird in digipeater
mode.  Last I heard they said it took a little more than that, but
there has not been any demand for it, so it has been low on 
their priority list apparently...

But there are 10,000 mobile operators with the D7 and D700 
radios that can operate at 9600 baud for front-panel-to-front-
panel digital communications when they do... Think of them as
"digital-sat-communicators"... just waiting for ECHO to
enable it.


They say there has been
no demand so 
Also, what is Echo's UNPROTO callsign? Is it PACB-11?

Ken, N5EQT
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