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Portable Operation

Greetings to the group!
My employer (Sea Launch) has tentatively agreed to
allow me to operate HF and Satellite on our trips back
from the launch site. At this point I'm just waiting
for my Liberian reciprocal permit, since our ships are
Liberian-flagged. Since I have the HF part covered
with my K2 and Buddipole, I need some input from
everybody on what would be a good little rig, most
probably a hand-held, to use with my Arrow antenna. I
have an FT-50, but would prefer to get a full-duplex
radio so I don't step on people. My FT-847 is just too
much extra stuff to drag with me! I've read the
previous posts on hand-helds, especially Emily's great
notes on AO-51, and I'm leaning towards either a W32A,
or maybe an FT-51 if I can find a good used one. A
Kenwood D7AG might be nice for the TNC, but I don't
think it does full-duplex.
Questions, comments, suggestions welcome!
73, Jim  KQ6EA
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