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Definition of QSO via ISS Packet/APRS

OK I am throwing this up for chopping or whatever. Regarding exchange of 
qsl card via ISS.
What does one define a ISS qso as?, I guess I should be specific 
My view is a packet exchange IN ONE PASS between 2 stations, with both call 
signs (a given with packet). and the normal stuff for a QSO.

Via my station and ariss.net I see lots of contact me via 
<mailto:balhblah@blah.com>balhblah@blah.com(made up adress) email address 
for qsl, both US and in Europe. Now enlighten me how does this constitute a 
2 way communication if you are using email?

Better yet I just received a eQSL from a station that heard me via ISS, 
this station never appears on my log or ariss.net anywhere. How can that 
qualify as a qso?

Ok lets hear it from all the experts. I need to see the light so I can be 
saved LOL

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