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Uni-Trac help



I've installed an updated computer in the shack and I'm having trouble
getting Uni-trac to cooperate with it. With a new install of Unitrac 2003,
things start out like it is going to work fine, but then it decides there is
no printer port (mine is a parallel port version) or Unitrac hardware. It
pings the rotator controller fine and displays the correct azimuth and
elevation, but then it quits working. It's like it can initially find the
port fine, but then looses it. I'm using an AMD Athlon 3800+ (2.8 GHz)
processor, two LPT ports 1 and 3 (using 1 with 378 address).


BTW, if I try to overwrite to the most updated executable, the hardware will
hang-up (rapidly flashing dimmer light) and need to be reset after closing
the program.


Any help would be appreciated.


73, Jamie

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