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PoSAT-1 / PO-28 telemetry equation file ever made public ?


as the long term satellite enthusiasts among you may remember 
PO-28 was operating for some time on ham radio frequencies
before it was switched to "commercial mode" out of the ham 
radio bands and is nowadays still active with quite strong 
signals as PoSAT-1 on 429.950 MHz, 9600 bps FSK, PACSAT 
broadcast protocol. (although it seems to me that the
aging TX which is in space now for more than 11 years
has drifted 2 kHz down to approx. 429.948 MHz)

Its amazing how well this bird performs still nowadays
and how strong the downlink is even on a simple 1/4 wave
groundplane (absolutely no comparison to AO-51 or GO-32,
which are much weaker on the downlink) with a preamp.

Does anybody of you know if the telemetry equation files
for telemetry decoders such as WiSPTLM or DTLM, etc.
were ever made public around 1993/1994 during the
early ham-radio days of PO-28 ???

If so, has anybody still a backup copy somwhere available ?

By the way, this sat would be a welcome "donation" for the
AMSAT community for the rest of the birds lifetime :-)
(I guess, the original mission objectives were met probably
already a long long time ago...) 

Just a matter to switching it back into PO-28 mode !

Best 73,

Oscar, dj0my
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